The following features can be purchased to enhance the functionality of the chair.

High Wear Areas

The following covers, in matching fabric, can be purchased to protect high wear areas:

  • Full length arm covers
  • Head cover
  • Seat cover.
Full Length Arm Cover

Head Cover

Seat Cover


There are five headrests to choose from, all of which come with a Velcro tab allowing them to fit over the top cushions.  For further details on each of these options please refer to the Headrest Section.

  • Head roll
  • Small head pillow
  • Small profile headrest
  • Large profile headrest
  • Midline headrest
Head Roll

Arm Rest Designs*

The Bariatric models can have a choice of three different arm rest styles as shown below. With the wide arm style there is the option to upgrade to a Memory foam or Coolform gel interior with a vapour permeable fabric.


Scroll Arm


Wooden Knuckle

Wide Flat

Wide Flat Arm

Heat and Massage Systems*

There is the option to choose either a heat only system or a heat and massage system.

Heat Only System

This system comes with two heat modules, one fitted into the seat of the chair and the other in a loose cushion heat pad that you can use behind your back, on your lap or to one side. The pads are controlled separately with an easy to use handset which has two temperature settings.

Bariatric Model

Heat and Massage System

The Relaxor helps soothe tired and aching muscles with gentle vibration and warmth. A separate handset controls different vibration zones built into the chair to massage upper back, lower back, upper and lower thighs and calves. Choose your own intensity and speed of each of the pairs of pads. The heat pad in the bottom lumbar of the back cushion completes the relaxing process, exactly what is needed at the end of the day.

Please note: It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional or doctor if you suffer with a medical condition or have any medical device fitted (e.g. pacemaker) before purchasing this system.

Heat And Massage

Reading Lamp*

This built-in lamp brings the light to where it is most needed and can be set at three brightness levels.

This operated by the handset which operates your chair also.  The Reading lamp can be removed and stored away when not required

Lamp S


A USB charging point can be fitted to the chair to charge or operate items such as a mobile phone, tablet or ipad.

Usb Ports

Foot Rest Gel

For additional support for the foot-rest area gel can be added.

Safety Options*

For further details on the options below please refer to Safety Options Section.

  • Accupak rechargeable battery system
  • 20 Cycle back up system
  • Enclosure skirt

* Please note that some of these additional features will need to be fitted at the point of manufacture.

The Bariatric riser recliner chair is available with the following mechanisms:

  • Single Motor Tilt in Space – up to 35 stone (222kg)
  • Dual Motor Tilt in Space – up to 35 stone (222kg)
  • Standard Dual Motor – up to 70 stone (444kg)

The most important aspect to consider before purchasing any bariatric chair are the seating positions that are required to aid the conditions of the client and address any pressure and postural management needs.

The Bariatric is available with the following mechanisms. Please check the Sizes Section for all user weights and dimensions before selecting your chair.  For demonstrations of the mechanisms described below please watch the relevant videos.

If you would like to find out about what mechanisms are available on other healthcare chairs from the Repose range please contact the sales department on 01563 533377

Single Tilt in Space/Dual Tilt in Space/Standard Dual Motor
DTIS and STIS (Common features)

The Tilt in Space movement features on both these mechanisms. It allows the seat to back angle to remain the same whilst the whole seating system is tilted backwards. This ensures that the angle of the hips, knees and ankles remain unaffected and the weight on the Ischial Tuberosities is reduced by redistributing the weight through the back. This constant angle also prevents shear and friction during movement.

This feature can also help when transferring someone in a sling as it can support better pelvic positioning by using gravity to position the user in the back of the chair in the optimal position.

Both these mechanisms have a rise position. As the chair rises the seat tilts forward slightly, transferring the weight to the knees whilst taking away the pressure from your hips thus allowing you to walk away more easily from the chair. The seat angle can be changed to provide further support by choosing the VAL Technology.

Dual Tilt In Space

Mutli C Air Dtis

Single Tilt In Space

Multi C Air Stis

DTIS (Only)

As well as the Tilt in Space and Rise functions, described above, the Dual Tilt in Space mechanism also features an independent backrest recline and independent leg rest movement:

  • The independent recline allows the user to maintain flexibility over their body’s position, particularly the amount of hip flexion, enabling them to maximise comfort as well as managing health needs.
  • The independent leg rest offers the user additional flexibility over positioning, allowing them to either use it in conjunction with the recline feature to create the optimal posture for their body shape.

Standard Dual Motor

The Standard Dual Motor comes with an independent backrest recline and independent leg rest enables a whole range of movements and positions to aid posture and pressure management. It also has a rise function for ease of standing from a seated position.

Standard Dual Motor


dual motor tilt in space Repose Furniture Bariatric

single motor tilt in space Repose Furniture Bariatric

standard dual motor Repose Furniture Bariatric


The Bariatric chairs come with the option to choose the following safety features:


Styleline Handset with On/Off Button

On some handsets you can choose to have an on/off emergency stop button. Please ask your supplier for the option available on your chair model.

Styleline handset with on off button Repose Furniture Bariatric

Accupak Rechargeable Battery System

The Accupak power pack enables you to use the chair away from a power supply. The battery provides an average of up to 100 adjustment cycles and will need recharging regularly to retain the quality of usage. It can be charged by simply plugging it in. The system sits out of sight under the chair and the charging outlet is built into the side of the chair.

Please note that the Accupak is not compatible with the Reading Lamp.

Full user instructions can be found in the user manual – please read these carefully before using the chair and Accupak. A copy of the manual can be found in the Brochures Section.

acc accupak 200 Repose Furniture Bariatric

20 Cycle Back Up Unit

This back up system comes as stand-alone unit that can carry out up to 20 chair adjustments. It should only be used as an emergency back-up system.

Full user instructions can be found in your user manual – please read these carefully before using the chair and the 20 cycle back up. A copy of the manual can be found in the Brochures Section.

acc bak 200 Repose Furniture Bariatric

Enclosure Skirt

The enclosure skirt hides the mechanism when the chair is either in the full rise or recline positions. This has been designed to stop small pets entering the mechanism whilst in the recline or rise positions.

Below is a summary of our Standard two-year warranty terms and conditions.

There is also the option to upgrade to a five-year comprehensive care plan.

Standard Two-Year Warranty

Two years on mechanisms, frame, upholstery and electrics.

One year on air seat cushions and also on some additional accessories such as the Accupak, 20 Cycle Back up and Relaxor heat and massage systems.

Repose will repair or replace, at our discretion and free of charge to the original purchaser, any parts covered by this warranty and that on examination, are found to be defective in material and/or workmanship. The warranty is for parts and labour only. The product or parts requiring repair/replacement must be returned to Repose by you and you will be responsible for the costs of packaging, postage and any postal insurance.

Any products returned to Repose must be disinfected and should pose no health hazard.

For full details of the warranty including return of faulty products, exclusions etc. please see downloadable 2 year warranty document below.

2 Year Warranty Terms

Nail Varnish Spill

Spilt Tea

Upgrade to a Five-Year Warranty*

You can upgrade your standard warranty anytime within 14 days after delivery of the chair. You can upgrade to a unique five-year comprehensive care plan that includes:

  • Comprehensive cover for structural and accidental damage
  • Stain removal and repair at no extra cost to you
  • One call for advice and service
  • National network of professional technicians
  • Original value replacements

It truly offers real peace of mind, covering you against:

  • Structural damage to:
  • Accidental damage including:
  • Staining

For full details of the upgrade warranty please see the downloadable 5 year warranty document below.

5 Year Warranty Terms


Wine & Cork

non-commercial only