Legacy Bi-lateral Turning Complex Care Bed

Complex Care/Trauma Specialist Bed

  • Safe, routine turning can be performed single handedly which significantly reduces physical strain on staff
  • The patient’s spinal and skeletal alignment is maintained easily at all times during turning and repositioning
  • It improves patient care, outcomes and recovery times- enabling faster discharge times
  • In some cases, patients nursed on Legacy can be weaned from ventilator support an average of four days faster- saving on average £6,000 per patient
  • In some cases it can reduce the need to EMCO treatment, saving up to £25,000 per treatment
  • It reduces the risk of additional complications such as pressure ulcers, UTI’s and DVT’s, pneumonia and sepsis
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Legacy is a complex care turning bed specifically designed for the treatment and rehabilitation of complex trauma patients, including patients with multiple injuries, spinal, neuro, pelvic and spinal cord injuries.

Developed in close partnership with more than 25 UK based hospitals, specialist trauma centres and SCI centres for excellence, it offers an advanced solution for the turning and repositioning of critically injured patients.

Legacy makes both the patient’s and the clinician’s experience of complex critical care as safe and comfortable as possible, and is proven to reduce patient stress, recovery times and the risk of secondary complications.


Model Legacy Bi-lateral Turning Complex Care Bed
Bed Specifications Height adjustment range (from top of mattress platform) 59-95cm
Bilateral tilt angle ±30°
Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg Angle ±17°
Mattress Side-wing angle 0° – 90°
Back rest angle 0° – 60°
Leg rest/knee break angle 0° – 45°
Fowler knee-break adjustment angle 0° – 15°
Gross bed weight 236kg
Safe Working Load 175kg
Mattress Dimensions Upper Mattress 200 x 105 x 8cm / 6.7kg
Lower Mattress 200 x 52 x 8cm / 3.7kg
Electric Specifications Power Supply 230v / 50Hz
Power Rating 1450 VA
Ingress Protection class for drive components IPX 4
Medical Electrical Equipment Protection Class Class I
IEC 601-1 Applied Part (equipment) type Type B
Other Operating time for OT 10% Max.6 mins. Per hour
External Dimensions (Compatible with most Hospital Lifts) Minimum 218 x 109cm (side-wings raised)
Maximum 218 x 118.5cm (side-wings lowered)