Red Toilet Seat

Using contrasting colour in the bathroom can have a big impact on everyday life. For example, a toilet seat is easier to see if it contrasts with the colour of the toilet bowl, helping the person with dementia to find the toilet. Drive’s red toilet seat uses high contrast colour to make this important daily living aid stand out.

  • Red Plastic Raised Toilet Seat for easy visibility and recognition
  • Highly visible, high contrast colour helps make important things stand out, and enables the user to recognise and understand the environment, boosting both confidence and independence.
  • Colour can be used to highlight important objects and orientation points, for example a red toilet seat on a white toilet is more easily visible than a white toilet seat.
  • For people with dementia related visual recognition issues, low contrast areas can become difficult to distinguish and recognise appropriately, particularly a white toilet against white tiles.
  • The red toilet seat provides a solution to the potential anxiety, challenging behaviour and loss of dignity this may cause.
  • Using contrasting colours can help people with dementia find and use the seat more easily – preventing falls and increasing independence
  • Smooth, comfortable, plastic design with a front cutaway for easier personal cleaning
  • The two easy fit brackets are quickly secured onto the toilet bowl. They are adjustable by hand, making the seat easy to fit or remove
  • They are ideal for healthcare issue, as the one piece moulding can be completely immersed for cleaning, or sterilised in an autoclave
  • Toilet seat height is 4” / 10cm
  • Weight limit: 190kg (30st)

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High contrast products make things clearer for people with Dementia, as low contrast areas can be difficult to distinguish & recognize appropriately. This can result in anxiety, challenging behaviour & loss of dignity.

  • Easy visibility and recognition
  • Prevents falls and increases independence
  • Smooth, comfortable, plastic design
  • Front cutaway for easier personal cleaning