Rollz Motion Rhythm

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The highly unique Rollz Motion Rhythm has been specially designed to promote independence and confidence when walking for users living with neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s. Highly versatile, this Rollator can also be used by physiotherapists and other professionals supporting patients rehabilitating from neurological or mobility-impacting injuries, including those that have been in a coma and people living with Multiple Sclerosis. The Rollz Motion Rhythm boasts the same frame as the popular Rollz Motion but features an electronic module that has been added to provide visual, audible and tactile stimuli. Parkinson’s patients can sometimes experience sudden, short and temporary episodes of inability to move the feet forward, despite the intention to walk. The Rollz Motion Rhythm has three cues, for people with Parkinson’s or a disrupted walking pattern, these cues can be adjusted to perfectly fit each users needs in terms of speed, intensity and duration. The laser line stimulates the user to start a movement, while the metronome and the vibration in the handles support the walking rhythm.

Features and Benefits:

  • Specifically created for users living with Parkinson’s
  • Ideal for those with neurological diseases
  • Exceptionally durable and lightweight frame
  • Laser line stimulates movement
  • Helps to overcome freezing of gait
  • Multiple cues to break a freeze
  • Innovative drum braking system
  • Soft cushioned seat
  • Height adjustable handles promote good posture
  • Provides exceptional comfort
  • Foam-filled rear tyres offer a natural suspension
  • Quickly and easily folds to a highly compact shape


  • Colour: Black
  • Minimum user height: 1600mm (5′ 2″)
  • Maximum user height: 1900mm (6′ 2″)
  • Rollz Motion Rhythm width: 670mm (“)
  • Rollz Motion Rhythm length: 630mm (24.75″)
  • Folded width: 310mm (12.25″)
  • Minimum handle height: 870mm (34.25″)
  • Maximum handle height: 980mm (38.5″)
  • Seat height: 550mm (21.65″)
  • Seat width: 450mm (17.75″)
  • Seat length: 200mm (7.75″)
  • Front wheel diameter: 205mm (8″)
  • Rear wheel diameter: 305mm (12″)
  • Rollz Motion Rhythm weight: 11.6 kgs (25.5 lbs)
  • Maximum user weight: 125 kgs (19.5 stone)

Rollz Motion Rhythm – Parkinson’s rollator with adjustable cues

Rollz Motion Rhythm tested by a Parkinson’s patient