The Barrowford Day Chair

Key Benefits Of The Barrowford Day Chair

  •  Made to Fit – because your comfort needs are unique
  •  Huge Range of Fabrics – including healthcare options
  •  Available in Small Medium and Large
  •  Removable seat – future aid of pressure care
  •  Options and Accessories – for your Rise and Recline chair
  •  British made unique to you

Wood finish options

  •  Natural
  •  Mahogany
  •  Teak

Chair Specification Overview

  •  Available with or without wings

Made to Fit – because your comfort needs are unique

Whether you need a riser recliner for mobility, health conditions, or simply to enjoy leaning back and putting your feet up at the end of a long day, there are several benefits to having your chair ‘fitted’ to your size, body shape and weight. Why? Because we’re all different aren’t we? Different heights, different length of legs, weight!

Enjoy Sitting in Perfectly Supported Comfort

Sitting down causes a number of stresses in our bodies, especially our spines, and this has recently begun to be more recognised by health professionals. It is the main reason for the sudden boom of rise and recliner chairs is because as a result there are many rise and recliner chairs on the market but few are made to fit. A fitted chair has been designed to best support your body, including considerations like posture, comfort, support and health.

How long do you spend seated?

There are serious health implications of prolonged sitting, and why this is a cause for concern for those who spend more than thirty hours sitting. If you have a condition, then there could be significant benefits to selecting the right rise and recline movements and chair style.

7 Point Seat Fitting Consultation

Choice is about ensuring that you select the right combination of chair style, seat cushion, rise recliner mechanism and having the chair built to your specific dimensions. The correct size of chair will ensure that you purchase a riser recliner that truly delivers personal comfort for you, because you are unique.

1. Seat Depth – to ensure your thighs are well supported

2. Seat Height – good posture requires your feet to be placed firmly on the ground

3. Back Height – important if you have back issues, neck, spinal or vertebrae problems

4. Back Support – back cushion selection will help with your posture and comfort

5. Seat Width – the correct width will help to support your hips and arms

6. Seating Support – your weight’s important and is critical to the cushion selection

7. Elbow Height – arms should be able to rest comfortably on the armrest

The measurements ensure your new chair is set-up for you based on your body shape, size and dimensions. Whilst considering any healthcare medical problem affecting your comfort.

All riser recliner chairs follow a similar movement cycle, from standing to upright (sitting) and then back to full recline with leg elevation, and back again. This is why we recommend you get a professional 7 point seat fitting.

Fabrics to compliment your home styling and comfort needs

Rise & Recline understand your home styling and personal preference on fabrics to compliment your decor is important. Which is why we offer a huge range of the finest upholstery fabrics for your handmade furniture. All sourced from reputable upholstery mills, you can have almost any fabric, from luxury chenilles, right through to leathers and specialist healthcare fabrics.

To see our full upholstery range please click here

Small, Medium & Large – Available in these 3 sizes:
Small – SH=17″ SD=18″ SW=20″ BH=27″ AH=7″
Medium – SH=19″ SD=18″ SW=20″ BH=27.5″ AH=7.5″
Large = SH=20″ SD=8″ SW=20″ BH=27″ AH=6.5″

The Barrowford seat cushion is manufactured removable as standard, allowing if necessary, a simple change to accommodate to an alternative cushion such as a pressure care cushion. Options available are Memory Foam, Gel and Air.

Your Chair Your Way

The Rise and Recline range of options and accessories means you can ensure your chair meets your exact needs. Here is where you will find all the accessories that fit perfectly with your riser recliner chair.

Tailored Head Pillows

For extra comfort and support, made in matching or complementary fabric.

Providing added comfort plus a stylish addition.


Arm knuckles

High quality polished wood knuckles for extra leverage and convenience. Available in 3 Frame finishes, Natural, Teak and Mahogany.


Removable Head Cover

The top of the backrest is subjected to heavier wear than other areas of the chair.

Protect your investment with a head cover that can be easily replaced when it wears out.

Removable seat

Versatile cushion cut out that allows pressure care to be changed easily.

Fabric protection

All chairs can be treated with McKLords protection to help maintain the fabric’s quality and appearance.

Made to Order

The majority of our rise and recline chairs are made-to-measure. We understand you want to enjoy your chair as soon as possible so we do everything to ensure your chair is perfect and delivered as quick as possible.


A truly British company

From day one, we have been all about you, the customer and we understand our products can change people’s lives. It’s this that drives us forward to bring you top quality craftsmanship and excellent service, all at an affordable price.

Hand-built in Our Own British Factory

Rise and recline chairs, sofa’s and adjustable beds can be completely tailor-made for you, to suit your specific requirements. Creating a high crafted piece of bespoke furniture, beautifully upholstered and stitched together to create a luxurious, comfortable and supportive product that will give you many years of happiness.

Rise & Recline Guarantee

All of our products come fully guaranteed with meaningful warranties so you can be assured of peace of mind. We try to make your purchase as stress and hassle-free as possible, resulting in many years of comfort.

Quality you can trust

Rise & Recline are a proud British manufacturer and are committed to providing the highest quality product.

UK Centre of Quality Upholstery Manufacture

As a Long Eaton based furniture manufacturer, Rise & Recline are proud to be a member of the UK Centre of Quality Upholstery Manufacture. Much of the upholstery manufactured in Long Eaton can be found in the best retailers, house furnishers, design studios and hotels in the UK, and exported throughout the world.

British Healthcare Trades Association Approved Code

As a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), Rise & Recline has signed up to the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. The BHTA is the oldest healthcare association in the UK representing the healthcare and assistive technology industry.

British Furniture Manufacturers

As a member of the British Furniture Manufacturers Association Code of Practice, Rise & Recline are demonstrating our commitment to quality and service to the trade, and to give consumers added confidence when buying British furniture.

ISO 9001 – Manufacturing Quality Assurance

To be certified to the ISO 9001 standard, Rise & Recline must follow the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001 Standard. The standard is used by organisations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.

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As with all chairs in our Healthcare range, it features a high, soft seat and solid wooden knuckles for ease of getting in and out of.

The Barrowford Day Chair by Rise & Recline is the perfect fit, whether used as a fireside chair or in a bedroom, this is a cleanly styled armchair that can be tailored to the individual needs of each customer. The Barrowford Day Chair is available in any fabric including leather and made to fit your body for maximum comfort with a maximum weight capacity of 20 stone.