The Blenheim

Luxurious Comfort, Stylish Design, The Blenheim Single Electric Adjustable Bed

The Blenheim exudes luxury and comfort, with a stylish and contemporary feel. Available in single, double and dual, the Blenheim features a fully padded and upholstered surround with integrated headboard for maximum comfort. This modern bed is upholstered in a vast range of fabrics as standard to complement any style of bedroom.

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The Blenheim, 5 Part Action Electric Adjustable Single Bed

The 4 axis, 5 part action adjustable single bed ensures you can adjust your position for maximum comfort. This is because it independently positions the major five parts of the human body: head, neck, back, hips and legs. This gives you complete relaxation whichever position you sleep in bed, and is operated via a bedside handset. With the head and feet elevated, it ensures the body is evenly supported, minimising pressure points, giving complete relaxation. (Height for floor including mattress 22in).

Your Bed, Your Size, Your Style

An electric adjustable single bed whatever your length,
width or weight

Rise & Recline ‘mix and match’ your selected width and length options, so you can find the combination to suit your dimensions and comfort needs. Bespoke widths and lengths can be accommodated upon request.

Electric motors up to 35 stone plus

The movement motor is specific to your weight, with up to 20 stone as the standard but with options to 35 stone and over.

Mattresses custom built for support and comfort

Rise and Recline mattresses can be constructed specifically to your body mass to ensure your new bed delivers the absolute in comfort. ALWAYS spend MORE time selecting THE MATTRESS than on the bed frame. After all, the mattress is the actual product you will be sleeping on and can not only aid posture, but can also relieve pressure and increase circulation.

What you can fit in your bedroom?

Please note, the external measurements are 33/4” in addition to the standard measurements provided. The mattresses are made-to-measure your selected width and length. Which means standard size mattresses will not fit a rise and recline bed and are unsuitable for the 5 Part Action Electric Adjustable base mechanism.

What width would you like your bed?

• 2’3”
• 2’6”
• 3’0”
• 3’6”
• 4’0”
• 4’6”

What length would you like your bed?

• 5’8”
• 6’0”
• 6’3”
• 6’6”
• 6’9”
• 7’0”

How high from the floor would you like your bed?

All beds have the option of the total height (floor to top of mattress) being raised to 30” or lowered to 16” depending on the mattress. Reflex/memory foam from 16”, pocket sprung/luxury pocket sprung from 18”.

4 Axis – 5 Part Action Electric Adjustable Single Bed

Our range of adjustable electric beds enable you to design the perfect bed for you. Featuring easy to use handsets that operate our ultra-quiet motors allowing you complete control at the touch of a button.

Weight Options for Motors

• 20 stone
• Up to 25 stone
• Up to 35 Stone
• Over 35 stone upon request

Rise & Recline are a specialist manufacturer for occupational therapists, Councils and Mobility stores. Every bed is made in Britain by hand, ensuring all our customers enjoy only the very highest quality and most comfortable beds.

Whatever your length, width or weight

Imagine sleeping so comfortably at night that you wake up feeling revitalised and refreshed in the morning. By sleeping with your upper body, legs, or both slightly raised you can be beautifully supported from top to toe and gain relief from the pressure that can cause those niggling aches and pains.

The possible benefits of using an orthopaedic adjustable bed:

✓ Improves circulation and reduces heart pressure by elevating your legs

✓ Relieves osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis with clever weight distribution

✓ Supports hip and knee replacements with adjustable positioning at all 4 axis points

✓ Relieves back pain by adjusting your position

✓ Breathe more easily by raising your back

✓ Get in and out of your bed with less effort

✓ Easy to use with a simple remote control adjustment

An adjustable bed is also ideal for sitting up to read or watch television, without wrestling with pillows.

What’s the perfect mattress for you?

The bed choice is the easiest, as most people have in their mind what they expect from their bed. There’s nothing quite like retiring to a comfortable bed after a long day, however, choosing the right mattress is the most crucial part. Which is why Rise & Recline recommended a FREE bed design consultation – so you can be assured of getting it right.


There are 3 mattress options:

Orthopaedic Comfort Reflex

✓ Coolmax® quilted zip off purpose-made mattress cover with 5 years warranty.

✓ Reflex – high-density weight or firmness selectable foam

✓ Massage Options Available

More about the Orthopaedic Comfort Reflex mattress

Triple Comfort Reflexion Memory Foam

✓ Coolmax® quilted zip off purpose-made mattress cover with 5 years warranty.

✓ Vasco 60 – The ultimate support and protection system

✓ Reflex – high-density weight responsive foam

✓ Massage Options Available

More about the Triple Comfort Reflexion Memory Foam mattress

Latex Mattresses

✓ Coolmax® for optimal temperature regulation whilst you sleep

✓ Eco-friendly mattress filling

✓ Natural open-cell structure for good air flow

✓ Natural resistance to mould and dust mites

✓ Easy to care for mattress covers

Fabrics to compliment your home styling and comfort needs

Rise & Recline understand your home styling and personal preference on fabrics to compliment your decor is important. Which is why we offer a huge range of the finest upholstery fabrics for your handmade furniture. All sourced from reputable upholstery mills, you can have almost any fabric, from luxury chenilles, right through to leathers and specialist healthcare fabrics.

What else would you like?

Rise & Recline offer a host of optional extras and accessories to make your bed serve your needs. With a variety of headboards, massaging mattresses, rails, cot sides, wireless handsets, or something else, we will be more than happy to help you select the right accessories for your needs.

5 Motor Massage / 10 Motor Massage

The Relaxor 5 Massage System has five motors integrated equally within the mattress (foam only).

The Relaxor 10 Massage System has ten motors integrated equally in five zones within the mattress to give a more powerful massage (foam only). (Normally used in 4’ 6”, 5’ 0” and 6’ 0” double mattresses.) Controls can be on either side of the bed.

VRT massage

Infrared remote handset containing both massage and bed controls. Night light is available as standard on both single and double zone systems. VRT massage available for all mattress types. Controls can be on either side of the bed.

VRT 6 – 2 zones fitted 1 at head and at foot evenly distributed. Includes a night light feature.

Divan drawers

Available for the Balmoral, Blenheim and Windsor
. Can be situated at the end or on the side. (Side only for Balmoral)

Three bar chrome plated steel sides rails which contain the occupier safely within the bed. The height of the cot side can be adjusted to allow the user to move in and out of the bed freely.